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The EOD Method

What do you expect from yourself my man?

on a normal week, what’s the set ‘minimum’ that you get done in terms of workouts
and things that benefit your health

you see

it’s normal
as a man
to put pressure on yourself

I mean

why do things 4x a week when you could do it every day ?

if a good thing’s good why not do it all the time ?

more is more right ?

the problem with expectations like this, grasshopper

is that when you don’t meet them
you’ll be disappointed

and when you’re disappointed you’ll lose momentum and motivation

not long after that you give up

and start again a few months down the line

and I can tell you without a doubt

without a shadow of a doubt

that the quit/start/quit/start cycle most men go through (been there yourself I’m sure)

is the reason many of them haven’t achieved what they want – gym, fitness and body wise

you’ve got to step out of the all or nothing mind set
and step into the ‘something is better than nothing’ mindset

^ read again, Padawan

Enter the EOD method

it’s simpler than a premiership footballer my friend


Simply put

you’re going to aim, on average, to do something every other day

this will give you enough to make progress
it will also motivate you
because you’ll know you’re about to ‘earn’ that ‘rest day’ tomorrow

now, when I say do something

I don’t mean a walk around the local pond with your doggo

it needs to be somewhat challenging

if you feel a burn in the muscles and get a sweat… and it lasts longer than 25 minutes
that’s a good rule of thumb

Try it my man

If you’re looking for somewhere to start with this

here’s access to my YouTube channel, it contains 10 ‘Lockdown Workouts’
that you can do at home with NO EQUIPMENT

I’ve even talked you through every single session myself, see for yourself below

WOLF YouTube

that will get you started

remember – every other day is fine
in fact…. I recommend it


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