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The LATTE Factor

I’ve recently been checking out a book

Called “The Automatic Millionaire”

normally, I’m not actually one to read those kinda books
or any kind of books to be honest

I tend to just drift through and not really ‘soak it in’ you know?

but this was recommended to me by one of my friends who really knows his onions
So I thought what the heck

long story short

just one, CRAZY simple exercise in the book has made a huge difference for me…

it’s called the “Latte factor”

I had to write down for a week all of the ‘few quids’ here and there I was spending

on coffee, lunches out, snacks from garages etc etc

turned out i was blowing 70 quid a week on sh*t I didn’t even need

that 280 a MONTH… 3 grand a YEAR

on total sh*t…

crazy eh?

What’s Lattes and all that other junk got to do with it

well, one of the ‘excuses’ guys give me for not stepping into my famous coaching program is that they can’t afford it

and i get it…

but these same dudes are also telling me about boozey weekends and the ‘big session’ they had Friday night

and one thing i do know from ‘back in the day’

is that those kinda weekends aren’t cheap.. not even close

150 quid a weekend EASY on crap

that’s 600 a month…MINIMUM

and it keeps you stuck in a rut, feeling like sh*t and on the fast track to a total meltdown

(trust me, i know)

My Wolf pack training system comes in at a FIVER A DAY

and I can guarantee it’ll have a HUGE POSITIVE IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE

your family’s life

your mood

your energy

and your future

so what’s it gonna be?

Me… or the latte/booze

simple choice really..

if it’s ME you want to train and work with you?

go to WOLF – 7 day trial

And grab a trial with us

Steve The ‘Shots and Lattes’ WOLF

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