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The Secret To Feeling Good

Like I was telling you the other day mate

last weekend I got MESSY, Wasted, pissed, mortal, smashed… you get it

does any other country have more words for ‘drunk’?


it left me in a funk

and the morning after the night before

I felt…and just raise your hand If you’ve ever felt any of these after a heavy drinking session

– Tired
– Headache
– irritable
– Lazy
– ZERO Motivation

I guess you could say I was in a bit of a funk and if I’m honest my first thought was

‘how the hell do people do this every weekend?’

I FELT like crap

and I just wanted to FEEL Good again

so what’s the secret to feeling great

because lets face it

that’s why you’re here

and why you want to get in better shape

because you want to FEEL a certain way

Well here’s my 2 biggest tips

1. Earn it – I’ve had 3 days back on track – eating ‘well’ (but not great) and working out – I’m starting to feel ‘on a roll’ again

2. Count wins – Without fail after my dinner I look back on the day and write down 3 things I did that were little ‘wins’ like doing a workout, hitting 10’000 steps, having a healthy lunch

^^ I can’t explain why number 2 is so powerful but if you suffer from being a bit down from time to time – just try it and trust me

give those a try and see how you feel, grasshopper


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