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The Secret To Great Mental Health

I expect you’ve seen a lot of the stuff on ‘social media’ about mental health this last couple of days?

It’s no joke

and I can tell you

as someone who suffers from LOW low’s and HIGH high’s

There isn’t actually one SECRET to feeling great all the time….despite the email title

All I can share with you is my own little ‘secrets’…..hacks, tips and tricks for feeling better than you do now

and if your in one of those LOWS (we all get them) how to begin getting out of it

1. Count out – On paper or out loud in your mind all the good things you did this week that helped you make progress or helped someone else make progress

2. Sit quietly for 15 minutes and think about how you can resolve the problems you have now that might be causing you anxiety – Then – When motivation strikes – Do them

3. Music – That Stirs you – listen to it loud – Super powerful potent combo for feeling high when combined with number 4

4. Work out – the single most powerful action that puts a warhead up the ass of anti depressant pills and launches them straight into North Korea – A LETHAL tonic for small levels of depression and feeling SLUGGISH —— The Antidote for a light low and the potential catalyst for big action across your life.

Yes my good friend

that’s how much I believe in working out when it comes to mental health for men

It’s turned my mood around more times than you’ve had hot dinner

Honestly – you need something in this day and age that’s a little bit of an UPPER – To counter all the stresses and non stop hustle of day to day life

And by Upper I DON’T mean a sedation like drink, drugs, porn or junk food

I mean something that serves you

What are you doing this week that serves you ?


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