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What do you struggle with?

Another sizzler today mate

It’s officially hot out there

which reminds me, I spend all of yesterday in London

and you know what, I want to be the cool London guy, I want to like it but MAN

The crowds, the heat, the noise, the people

If I’m being totally honest with you

There is only a very small amount of it I can stand

before I’ve just about had it and can’t wait to get back to little old Saffron Walden

Sorry, I know some people love it

but it’s not me

So what I want to know is

what is that you struggle with?

because one thing I know is

when it comes to the gym

no body STARTS out knowing what to do

and from first hand experience, I can promise you – it takes plenty of trial and error to figure it out

Maybe in the gym, your like me in London

you just feel a little out of place

and I get that – 100%

Good news for you is

I’ve already made so many mistakes working on myself and also *cough cough*… with my earliest clients

that I’ve pretty much got the formula down when it comes to you getting the results you want

I know exactly how much you need, what type, what to eat, when etc.. it’s all sorted

so take the guess work out and come in for a trial with us

like I said to some geezer on Facebook the other day

if your not convinced that I can help you get results

your free to do as you please

here’s the link – https://wolfitness.wufoo.com/forms/z1iyi50h0y7412p/

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