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What’s Your Bare Minimum

Hope your having a really good week so far grasshopper

I won’t even ask if it’s a busy one because I already know that your busy with work and all sorts!

Now, it’s been an especially hectic week for me and I’ve been struggling to find much time to work out

do you ever have weeks like this?

it just seems like a mission to find any free time
Any time you put aside gets taken up by something else
You never feel ‘settled’ or ‘done’ at any point in the week
you rarely put yourself first Mon-Fri

This chaos is one of the big reasons why you find it so hard to have time to workout

it just doesn’t all ‘fit in’ and it can also run your motivation tank quickly to zero which leads to a junk food splurge or worse

anyway – in these situations I always revert to just my ‘bare minimum’

My workouts are short
I have a coach to keep me accountable for showing up
My sessions aren’t really hard

This lets me stay on course without pushing to hard and stressing me out

So my question for you is, what’s your bare minimum? and if it’s nothing – how are you going to improve that so you can get everything done and still have top draw energy, a great body and the zest for life getting in shape brings you?

The way we help our WOLF pack members achieve this is

– Super convenient workout times including early bird before work as well as evenings
– Flexible times so if something comes up, we can work around it
– Short workouts that let you get in and out but still get great results and not waste time
– Constant goal setting and progress tracking so you never have to worry about being on course or not

And much, much more

try injecting a couple of those things into your life and see if you notice a difference


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