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Your ‘Diet’ Is DEAD

Let’s face it me old mate

The age of the ‘diet’ is just about finished

Let’s get real for a second – your not going to spend all of Sunday packing dry chicken and ‘veg’ into tupaware for the week ahead

And let’s not even get started on a ‘keto’ or ‘zero carb’ diet approach

Sticking to those is about as much fun as a kick in the balls

Do I even need to give a quick shout out to shake or detox diets ?

I’ve met and trained hundreds of men – they Never work in the long run

And by the long run I mean after the first couple of weeks

You know, once the motivation goes in the toilet.

You don’t want to keep growing round the middle tho right ?

But Your to busy – you’ve got a lunch meeting and 2 meals out this week not to mention a rammed weekend

Your life isn’t like the average ‘fitness celeb’ on Insta so don’t even try to copy them

Here’s what the future is like for us men with diet

Here’s what you need to do

Be absolutely flexible, determined and aware in every situation that comes your way Monday through Sunday

So all those lunches

And all those times when your on the road and haven’t ‘meal prepped’

It’s fine – as long as you make solid choices every single time and Adapt to where you are

So if your in Nando’s – hold the chips and have diet drink

If your on the road – M and S NOT Mac D’s

If your out for breakfast – eggs on brown toast and not the full works

Staying flexible – remembering where you want to be all the time

Enjoying life but staying on track and NOT piling the pounds on instead

It’s the way man

Steve The wolf

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