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Your Friday Battle Plan

It can be a strange one on a Friday

I mean, YES, you have that Friday feeling

but at the same time

You’re tired as F from the week just gone

you’ve worked some hours and you’re feeling a bit burnt out by it all by now

even if you did start the week feeling top drawer

I get it man, and I feel the same way even though I love what I do

It’s this tiredness and ‘made it’ feeling that can lead to the Friday/Saturday binge that ruins any good work you might have done in the week

And I know you’ve put in some good work this week as well

So good job on that

And how to avoid falling into the classic weekend trap

A few ways, boss

1. Always make time for YOURSELF at the weekend, maybe you get a massage, go for a walk or do a workout, this will give you real time to unwind so that you don’t just sedate with junk food and/or booze

2. Pump – Do a workout or a run at some point, 20 mins min and 40 mins max, so you can keep your mind and body sharp and so that you don’t drift away from your good lifestyle

3. Discipline – Work on your strong mindset, work on saying no, work on going for the best option that you still enjoy (G and T, anyone?) So that you can get results without sacrificing any of your ‘fun’ time and still spent time with the boys

Go now and have a great weekend mate

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