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We are seriously passionate about helping motivated males to build muscle, drop body fat and look better, Oh, and the results are guaranteed to!

We want to offer that to you!

If you’re a hard worker who doesn’t mind working up a sweat and you want to look better in your T shirts, lose a couple of Jean sizes and get bigger arms, We want to work with you!

Do you still believe that you need to be in the gym 5x a week to make Head turning progress? Trust me... You don’t!

If you’re looking for a system that’s going to allow you flexible workout times, intense - results producing training sessions and a first class service, We want to offer that to you!

WARNING – be prepared to give up the idea of long, slow workouts that take up to much of your precious spare time, at WOLF we believe in shorter (30-50min) sessions that will push you hard and produce the results you’re looking for.

We can help you

When I was younger (a while a go now) I was into my football…My older brother used to always tell me ‘Hang from the bar’.. So I did… ‘Now pull yourself up’.. I would kick and squirm but just couldn’t for the life of me do it… That sucked and I hated the feeling.

I was also fat and very insecure about taking my top off or wearing a tight T shirt. at some point in time I decided I wanted to get in shape, at first to look better and attract girls (my face was never going to get me far..) but soon it just became a habit.

It took many mistakes, Bad comments and a bucket full of hard work but I eventually got to where I want to be 

And Now, What can I say, call me obsessed, but I love it - I am a health, strength and fitness fanatic – For life. That feeling of accomplishment when I could finally do chin-ups and had a flat stomach Is what drives me, I want to give YOU that feeling, because it’s awesome, and my passion is sharing the great feelings you can get from setting and then accomplishing goals, However big or small!

Talk is cheap right? Have a flick through some of the comments my clients have made about their time working with me, I’m super proud of them and hope they inspire you to get involved.



The great thing about training at WOLF is the method is so simple, Its tough, but the results are honestly so worth it, I’m in the best shape of my life and only in the gym for 2-3 hours a week


I was skinny before I started working with Steve 3x a week, He helped me get stronger but also guided me with my lifestyle outside of the gym as well, with my diet and my eating habits, I’ve gained bodyweight but I look so much better, it’s a great feeling


The workouts at WOLF are tough, No doubt about that! There’s always free samples and free supplements in the gym to try which is great, I’ve worked 1-1 and in a group and I prefer the group because It gives me that extra motivation


I never thought I’d be able to do chin ups until I worked with Steve at WOLF, It feels great! I also managed to shift some problem weight and improve my golf game along the way


Steve is a bit of a task master at times but he won’t mind be saying that! The results and the way I feel after are always worth it, I’ve gotten stronger and I look better


I was 20 stone when I joined WOLF and started working with Steve, It’s been a journey to say the least and I’m now 5 stone lighter, my life is completely different now, The group sessions are awesome and a great way to start or finish any day

We want to get to know you, If you like the sound of what we do for our clients, I want to invite you personally for a 20 minute Coaching session to get you 100% clear on the fastest path to your goals, It’s just a sit down chat with a WOLF coach And its 100% FREE – No strings attached