About me - Wolf

Stuck In A Rut? We Help Men From Saffron Walden To Lose Weight, Gain Confidence And Transform Themselves Within Our Famous WOLF Pack - We're So Confident We Can Change Your Life We Even Put A Guarantee On Our Results

Why We Created The WOLF Pack

We wanted to create a system that guaranteed results - not sell 1 off sessions that left you to do the rest of the work by yourself 

We wanted to solve your problems and develop a method that gave you everything you wanted -  confidence, energy, motivation, drive and a body  that your kids would be proud of 

We believe in making you the star of the show - we don't talk about ourselves or put pictures of our coaches up everywhere, getting you results is what the WOLF pack was built for


The great thing about training at WOLF is the method is so simple, Its tough, but the results are honestly so worth it, I’m in the best shape of my life and only in the gym for 2-3 hours a week


I was skinny before I started working with Steve 3x a week, He helped me get stronger but also guided me with my lifestyle outside of the gym as well, with my diet and my eating habits, I’ve gained bodyweight but I look so much better, it’s a great feeling


The workouts at WOLF are tough, No doubt about that! There’s always free samples and free supplements in the gym to try which is great, I’ve worked 1-1 and in a group and I prefer the group because It gives me that extra motivation


I never thought I’d be able to do chin ups until I worked with Steve at WOLF, It feels great! I also managed to shift some problem weight and improve my golf game along the way


Steve is a bit of a task master at times but he won’t mind be saying that! The results and the way I feel after are always worth it, I’ve gotten stronger and I look better


I was 20 stone when I joined WOLF and started working with Steve, It’s been a journey to say the least and I’m now 5 stone lighter, my life is completely different now, The group sessions are awesome and a great way to start or finish any day

You'd never invest in a car without taking a test drive first so we always offer you a free chat and trial session so you can make your own mind up