Work With Me - Wolf

Time tested, proven and fast results for busy men who aren't confident in the gym but still want to feel great and get a new body.

Who does our training work the best for?

  • Hard workers - Training is hard work, But for more muscle, less fat and a stronger looking athletic body, we think it’s worth it!
  • People who put faith in us – Trust in yourself and in what we do, put the work in and the results WILL follow.
  • Open minded – Try new things, work with new people, taste new foods – Be positive and know that your at WOLF for one thing – To improve the way you look, move and Feel.

Who is our training not for?

At WOLF we like to work with the type of person who is going to get everything out of the service we provide - to that kind of person, Results are a given and we’ve no problem guaranteeing what we do

  • People who aren’t willing to try something new – To You our style of training system may be new and certainly a shock to your body at first! The best results come from embracing it and moving forward.
  • People who don’t like hard work – Our workouts are hard but achievable, never impossible and designed to get you results - Not to leave you in pain for days.
  • People who are resistant to change – We encourage change and we encourage improvement, we can guide you to a stronger and healthier body if you’re open to change.

What Will You Get Out Of Joining The WOLF Pack

At WOLF we have a passion – To show men that you don’t need to spend hours and hours at the gym to be strong, healthy and fit.

When you chose to work with us and you commit to putting in the yards at the gym you’re going to get so many benefits

The outcome of working with us is a stronger and healthier body and an athletic appearance (think V shape)

You’ll also gain nutrition knowledge - if you want to lose your belly or tone up your chest and arms, we run workouts with those goals in mind

You’ll walk taller thanks to a much stronger core and you’ll find yourself buying slim and fitted clothes a lot more than you were before, nearly all of the guys we work with drop a waist inch or 2 as well !

If you’re not scared of hard work and these results sound like something you’d be interested in – You can check out exactly what services offer at WOLF